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Carefully Growing Clients’ Capital

The Ivy Team difference

For nearly 27 years, sustainability, principles-based investing and continuous improvement have remained the philosophical drivers for the Mackenzie Ivy Team. With a long-term approach, and capital preservation being the focus of their investment style, they strive to ensure that the Ivy business model is just as long-lasting as the global, high-quality businesses they invest in.

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The Ivy Difference to Global Investing

Lead Portfolio Managers from the Mackenzie Ivy Team talk about the hallmarks of the Ivy style and their long-term approach to investing in global markets. Watch Now

Ivy Global

The Mackenzie Ivy Team will continue to focus on carefully growing their clients' capital over time. Learn more about the Ivy funds that have shown resilience during valuation-challenged markets, and have the flexibility to move to markets where valuations are most attractive:

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